Thursday, March 26, 2009


sooo today i woke up after sleeping for FOURTEEN HOURS!!
i went to take a nap at 6...and didnt really wake up till 8 the next morning.

i have the hiccups right now

also i want apple juice

i got to talk to my friend lucas tonight. that was nice. havent heard from him in awhile. he is coming into town this weekend and i wont even be here. sad.

but i am looking forward to going home. that will be nice. also sad austin wont be able to join me, but there is lots of laundry to do, so eh, i can do that.

greys anatomy was SO good tonight!!! the final scene (for those of you that havent seen it i wont spoil) was the cutes and best thing ever!! so good.

i am ready for summer...i think this summer i will read "angels & demons"

the end

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