Friday, April 16, 2010

god provides....right?


i dont know how im going to pay for school this year.....

apparently no one thinks i deserve financial help at all

.....oh well.

here's to being in debt...lots and lots of debt...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

life gets better, one day at a time

tomorrow i leave spring piper tour!!! this semester has definitely been lacking in piper time, but we are catching up, and what better way to catch up on missed times than to go on a tour for the better part of a week!
I am excited and so ready to spend time with "family," and time loving on hundreds of kids!

also coming soon is the arrival of Riley back onto the soil of america. i can not even begin to express how ready i am for him to be back. i dont want to sound like "that girl" or anything, but having your boyfriend gone for a whole semester really just SUCKS. i didnt have my best friend, the person i vent too, the person who calms me down and takes my stress away, the person who makes me so happy. and without him it has been a VERY LONG semester. but he is coming back tomorrow, and soon back to me.
before today i was honestly pretty nervous about it. alot of time has passed, growing has happened, and emotions have changed since we were together and i didnt know how all of this would play into us being together again. obviously we want to be together, but...its just hard to explain in words. however, i got to talk to Riley tonight via skype/googlemail chat and i feel much better about everything.
and even more ready for him to be back on campus!!

besides the busy-ness that comes with the end of the year. that is my life.

Monday, April 5, 2010

9 DAYS!!!

Riley comes back to the united states of america in 9 days!!! (and now that its past midnight, 8 days kinda)

It is so close!! yet still far enough away for me to hate it!

This semester has been SO LONG and filled with highs and lows, but the biggest low is the fact that I cant share any of these times with Riley :-(

After hanging out with someone nearly every day last semester, its tough when they are gone. and especially with limited or no communication.

But just 9 more days. that is all I have left until I can once again talk to riley on the phone. and then just a long week later, we will finally, once again be together in person.

it will be a great day filled with constant anxiety until he pulls into my dorm parking lot, and most of all, lots of happiness!

just 9 more days

i can do that....