Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spring Break so far

friday i went to OC to see my friend carla and their spring sing. it was a great weekend. carla's club, iota kappa phi, did SOOOOO well!!! they won 4 faculty awards (half, and the best half) and they got 2nd over all!!! w000t! and its only the club's second year. they are pretty much amazing.
but yeah. i got to see that and see her and other cool people. and it was great. i love oc. really do. so that was fun.

then i went home for a few days and slept.
lots of sleeping.
i like sleeping. its great.

now its wednesday night and i am with the rest of the gang (kevin, kris, stephen, courtney, amber, ashley, and mary) in eustace texas at ashley's house. tonight was just church, movie, and friends. quiet, but nice night. its going to be a fun and interesting next couple of days.

tomorrow night we are going to purgatory. yay.

also, i love kevin

now, bye bye

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