Wednesday, April 1, 2009

j'aime le francais

i went to the french bible study tonight and really enjoyed.
while its true that i didnt understand every word i sang, or every word they read from the bible section (although, i did have my english bible right there beside me too), i enjoyed it.

i want to keep taking french class (which i intend on doing while im here)
i want to be fluent in french!
i want to go to France!

i really want to go on the summer french campaign next summer!!

i am going to do everything i can to go on that french campaign next summer. that is my goal for the future.

L'espoir est le rêve d'une âme éveille

1 comment:

Austin said...


Also, you want to go to France. I think.
Unless you mean French class.

(I will always be here to edit your blog posts for you, dearest.)