Sunday, March 15, 2009

what comments do...

"...i love you and God loves you. be His best friend for a while, see who else he brings into your life!"

this was part of a comment posted by a friend in reference to my last mopey (mo-pee) blog.
thanks friend

this was one of the best comments you could have sent me. in fact, i always like your comments. but me liking your comments is besides the point.
the point is that you are right.

i really need to crack down on myself for the rest of the semester, and really just starting now until the rest of always.
i need to focus.
focus on school. force myself to work work work.
focus on health. set time to work out and be healthy and actually stick to it!
focus on sleep discipline. do school and working out and everything else in a timely manner so sleep can ensue before 2 a.m. (obviously that wont happen tonight). stick to a cut off time. getting sleep makes me happy...therefore i should actually get some!
most importantly
focus on god.

i have realized that i talk to god when i need something or when something is going well and i want it to continue, or when i want something from god, or because a situation is...however it happens to be. and while talking to him for those things is a good thing and i shouldn't stop doing that; that shouldn't be the only reason i pray or spend time with him.
the sermon today at church was about walking with god. while i cant remember the catchy acronym he had for WALK, i did retain the important fact that walking with god is a constant, everyday, and every situation activity.
and while i know that, and have known that and heard that before, today with other recent thoughts it just hit me harder. it actually hit home for me today.
god should be involved in everything i do.
i should pray to him always, for everything. walking to class, going to bed, when there is a problem, when there is a praise, when i need to tell someone something, when i have a spare minute in the day.
i should read his word. god cant talk to us if we arent reading what he is saying. god cant be a part of our lives if we dont know how we can have him in our lives. you cant walk and abide in god if you are not reading and abiding in his word. how can i claim to be a christian and claim to be living in christ if i dont know what god has to say about the matter. when i dont read how to do that and i dont read what he has written and preserved for us to know. the wisdom and knowledge it takes to do that.

so here goes trying

here goes re-building my life

here goes disciplining myself and constantly having to strive and push for what i want.

here goes becoming best friends with god (and becoming a better 'me' in the process)

pray for me. i'll be trying, but it will be hard.

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notevenahint57 said...

Good for you Megan I'll be praying!

Love you!

P.S. I work out either at 12 or 2 MWF and at 1 TR, so feel free to join me then.