Friday, March 13, 2009

self discovery

so this is a theory i have

i dont make a very good best friend.
ive decided
i just dont think i have what it takes to be one. whatever that is.
i can have good friends or close friends for a while and then...they find someone...better. or someone that they can always be friends with and its always good. or whatever. i dont even know
i dont know why or what it is
i just dont think im...cabable. or whatever.

its like im one of those "part of the group" friends. but thats it. just there because somehow im a part.

i didnt say this was a very fully developed theory.
theory non the less

a theory that i see proving itself true too many times.


darrin said...

phht... I think you need a different data set for your theory.

Courtney said...

you are a part because you are the best. i settle for nothing less than the best. i love you and God loves you. be His best friend for a while, see who else he brings into your life!