Tuesday, February 3, 2009

missing him

so i just went to ex-bf's facebook to say hey (we are still friends, im not crazy stalker)...sometimes i really miss that boy. i mean, i am definitely ok with being just friends, and i know that is what needed to happen. i could see that pretty soon after breaking up.

still, sometimes i miss being with him, and miss what we had. we were friends before we dated, and so becoming closer just made it better. i liked that. i liked that he wrote music. i liked that he loved god. i liked that he would tell me he liked my hair when it was all crazy and messy. i liked that he used the word gorgeous when he complemented me. i liked that he was cute. i liked that i was dating someone i have had a crush on since 9th grade. i even kinda liked that we had dated before in h.s. i liked that the future didnt freak me out with him.

i liked all those things, and i miss all those things.

sometimes i just miss him.

but i am glad that we are still friends. and im glad that i have all of those things plus so much more to look forward to when i finally find that person i will spend forever with.

the day i find that is a day i am looking forward to.

until then i suppose i will miss him every now and then, be content with the joys my life currently has, and pray god doesnt wait too long to put that guy in my life


Anonymous said...

i enjoy watching you grow as a person. it's inspiring.

Lucas said...

That is such a blessing that you guys can still be friends. In truth.

I'm sorry for those times where you miss him.

Courtney said...

arent you lucky to be content! what a blessing to find that.
and i think the "God don't wait" prayer is a feeling amongst oh so many people all over, you arent alone in that
je t'aime