Sunday, February 22, 2009

couch vs floor

as me and austin were sitting on the couch tonight, we noticed a fun little trend (well, a trend of that night anyway)...
on the couch (and kevin was on a chair), were sitting the single people
on the floor/"the sea" as austin called it, were all the couples
...well thats not true, courtney was on the floor...besides the point
anyway. that was the observation. "couples" on the floor, single people not.

it was an interesting observation.
also interesting was my comment afterwards which mentioned me needing to hang out with new people...which i of course was kidding. but still. sometimes i just wonder when it will be my turn. i wonder how much longer it will be for i join "the sea." i wonder what events in my life will lead me to someone who i can sit on the floor with.

but, while i might make sarcastic remarks when my friends say cute, gushy things about their growing relationships, i am honestly happy for each and every one of them.
it makes me happy to see the 'couples' that are forming. because they fit. the people are good together. they complement each other. they are happy and with good people, and knowing that makes me glad for them. they deserve it. they all deserve it.
and i also like that we are all friends. that we are forming a wonderful group and the relationships are building it up instead of tearing it down. it is so good to see and be a part of a group of friends like the group i have.
i wouldnt trade them for anything.


this weekend was my roadtrip to michigan to see RENT!!
jordan unfortunately couldnt come because she got sick, but we printed off a picture of her and took her everywhere we went :-) so she was there in spirit. haha. the trip was LONG. and the snow once we got up north was PLENTIFUL (and annoying when needing to drive). but the show was GREAT. and the trip over all was GREAT. it was all very worth it.
this was one of those trips that you hear other people talk about and wish you could take yourselves. and we actually took it!! exciting!
i like that musical alot. cara and i are even planning on seeing it again in may when it comes to dallas.
i love my suite alot. they are the best girls to live with!

now its over though, and back to school.
so off i go.
back to life


Ashley Nicole said...

Dear megan,
I am happy you are in my life. No joke. You make me smile. Me and you can start our own sea in NY ;) haha i love you girlie...and i cant wait to go see rent with you in dallas...oh the memories we make.

Courtney said...

I just have to say that when i read this my first reaction was "i was sitting on the floor" and this i saw that you metioned that and i laughed out loud. for real.
we have to find us a bigger sea im thinking :)

Austin said...

...Actually, by that point in the evening, Courtney and Anna were gone, and Kevin was in his room.

But I'm just being picky! Seriously.

Also, Kris was on the couch with us.

Austin said...

Also, calling it "the sea" makes me think of this.