Sunday, February 8, 2009

and so it begins

so today started show week.

too bad school wont stop for this occasion.
too bad we dont have another week of rehearsal.
too bad sometimes i have to wait for my cast members to stop their own private conversations before i can continue to direct them.
too bad that in 3 days i have no more control over what happens in my play because they will be performing it for paying audience members.
too bad i havent been able to do laundry since i've been here...cara told me today that she might just end up doing it for me this weekend because she knows i have no time to get it done. haha.
too bad i have a test tomorrow in internet communication, and i have no idea what that teacher talks about in this test should be fun. since i know nothing about anything he says. internet communication="WHAT?!"


after this week, im going to see RENT with my suite!
at the end of this week i am doing valentines day with a friend :-) im pretty excited about it. i have no idea what we are doing, but ashley said he has told her part of it and she said i will like it. so thats cool.
after this week i will have time to do school work. and hang out with friends. and sleep.

done complaining about life now

1 comment:

Courtney said...

alright, now exhale
i love you
and i can help with laundry