Sunday, February 15, 2009

i couldnt ask for more

so yesterday was valentines day, and closing night for my show!

my valentine was austin jenkins, and my day was pretty perfect :-)
it started off by getting to sleep in till noon, which was awesome in and of itself.
then i woke up to notes on my mirror and a bag of kisses in my fridge from my valentine.
he wrote to leave my car in the ulrey parking lot by 1:30 and when i got back from doing that, i had more notes/quotes from him and instructions to be back at my car at 2.
so i got ready, and did as told.
when i got to my car at 2 i found a notebook on my windshield.
it contained a mix cd and instructions for the day.
(i also found his car for me to use, because he saw that i didnt have a cd player inside my car)
for all of you that have seen "elizabeth town," he made his own version of that for me (and since i LOVE that movie, it was wonderful!!)
the first thing was to just listen to the first track on the cd, and relax, close my eyes, and enjoy it. so i rolled down the window, stuck the cd in, and did so. it was "trapeze swinger" by iron & wine, and it was beautiful.
then it told me to turn the page :-)
i proceeded to travel to: the back of the reynolds (where i found a lovely poem),
the harding academy swing set, where i swang for awhile (which is one of my favorite things to do EVER),
i then went to kris and kevin's appartment, where i found the next thing/clue. and went back to car to listen to the cd and read what he had written me. which was the "alphabet of megan" and was 26 adjectives, and something written about each ones application, and it was beautiful. i could have cried :-P
then i went to the underground were we finally met and he had my favorite subway sandwich (sneaky jordan, figuring this out), and a sonic drink. so we had lunch and then watch "paris, je t'aime" which was an odd, but good movie, i will have to purchase it for myself.

It was wonderful!! i was so giddy pretty much the entire time. kris and kevin can attest to that fact when i went in asking for my next clue. haha. i loved it

we finished the movie about 5:30, so i had just enough time to grab my clothes for the last show and go see my mom and brothers who came in to see it.

then i watched the last performance of the show that i directed. i was so proud. it was really good :-) the whole process was stressful as ever, and i have definitely learned some things, had fun, had not fun, have things that i have learned i need to work on, but it was good. my cast was great, and my stage manager was amazing and kept me sane :-)

soooooooooooooo yeah.

pretty much it was a great day

and now that the show is over i will have a life back and NOT have rehearsals all the time!! yippee! (and the best part is, i see everyone in my cast usually on a regular basis because we are all friends anyway, so thats good tooooo)

AND this time next week we will be driving back from detroit after seeing RENT!!


notevenahint57 said...

I CAN attest to that! you were adorable!

darrin said...

what an awesome day, up and down, back and forth :)

sorry I missed your play. family said it was great!