Thursday, April 30, 2009

my life


not good enough for boys
not good enough for the musical

too bad everyone else i know is good enough to be cast in the musical
and everyone else is liked

and everyone else is happy

tonight i am not happy

but its fine

i'll pretend to be happy later

im glad school is almost over...that will be a good day


Anonymous said...

I luuuuuuv you.
and just so you know... i'd cast you in my musical...any day...if you know what i mean.

p.s...i don't even know what I mean. :/

Ashley Nicole said...

im not good enough for boys...
im not good enough for the musical either...

and you have me
and i was with you tonight

and i love you more than life
you have blessed me beyond belief
no joke
i prayed to God this semester for a best friend, and i found that in you.
you will never know what you mean to so many people

one york.... :)

Courtney said...

ive never been good enough for boys either.
i also wasn't good enough for many other campus activities that i really wanted to be in
you ARE liked
and not everyone else is happy, im pretty unhappy right now

i too am glad school is over, i am ridiculously ready for it

i love you lots and miss us talking all the time about everything. if i come back this summer, thats SO happening again. ok? ok