Monday, May 4, 2009

the closing of another school year is finals week of spring semester already
crazy how time passes. at some points moving sooo quickly, and i some points taking forever to pass. this semester/year has seemed long, yet at the same time i cant believe it is already over.
oh man.

finals week is upon us.
i have already taken one test....none tomorrow (just studying and packing for me)...and then 2 on wednesday and two on thursday and i am out of here!!
home for almost 2 days to celebrate my birthday (MAY 8TH!!! 21!) and then back to searcy to leave for scotland and england.

i am so excited!

this has been a crazy semester. lots of drama. but even more good times. and i have made some great relationships this year/semester. ones that i hope i will never loose!

also, 7 minutes then it is my bedtime, so i am out. just a short sweet post :)

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Ashley Nicole said...

im glad you made your bedtime! haha and i CANNOT WAIT till friday!!!!! SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!