Saturday, September 13, 2008

thoughts while waiting

We had piper call backs today and we picked the new members for our troupe afterward and we decided on two amazing guys!!! i am super excited to start this year, it is going to be a good one. (of course i am sad that some people didnt make it, because everyone who got called back was awesome and are really great people...but you cant have a troupe of 20 people. just doesnt work).

anyway. soooo yeah. that was very exciting. and pretty much the only exciting thing that has happened this weekend.

its raining really really hard right now and the wind is blowing like crazy...hurricane ike...tisk tisk...i just looked, and its actually NOT raining much, the wind is just going crazy.

right now i am waiting for matty key to call me...silly boy who is polite and doesnt like talking on the phone when he is chillin with a group of friends...a group of friends i wish i could be chillin at starbucks with too cause i love and miss them all...but i would like to speak with my boyfriend before i go to bed. which might be soon because im tired and i have church in the morning...

lets see...courtney came and hung out in my room for a little while tonight. i enjoyed that. i like hanging out with courtney...

i have a lighting design test tomorrow. first one. im kinda nervous. all that we have talked about so far is electrical theory and electrical stuff like that...which i am not completely lost on...but...yeah. i dont know. sometimes i feel out of my league in that class...but after talking with Lynn, i think thats just me. i probably just freak out about things for no reason... :-)

i have a few time consuming things to do tomorrow...not really alot of things i dont think...but time consuming. because those things involve reading...i told katie i would hang out with her tomorrow...i dont know if that is going to happen or not...maybe if i go over to her apartment to study lighting design with adam katie and i can have some time to talk and catch up...but not lots probably...we shall have to see and hope for the best. i feel bad cause i dont get to see her very much anymore. and i want to, i really do. but i am busy, and i dont always feel like going out after getting off work. i feel like eating and then doing some homework and yeah. chilling in my living room. hopefully as the year progresses i will be able to see her more. and when the musical is over i wont have work for that will give me about 6 or more extra hours a week. thats nice!

thats about all

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