Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Vacation with the Wallings

Well, I just got back from my nearly week vacation with Riley and his family. I joined the whole gang at the beach for a few days before heading off for the rest of my stay at their house in N.C.

My vacation was wonderful!! I am becoming more comfortable with his family, which is always a good thing, and I think that feeling goes both ways. It was nice to be in a mutually "new" place (as opposed to at their house for the whole time). And, of course, I LOVED being able to be with Riley everyday!
I miss him so much everyday we are not together, and I am so glad every chance we get to see each other (especially as of this past semester and summer, with it all being long distance). Good things are in store for the two of us; I just know it :-)

Now just two weekends left for the summer theatre, and moving into my apartment for the school year on the 10th, and then home for a couple weeks, and then school time!!
I am really looking forward to this school year and everything it has to offer :-)

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