Wednesday, July 28, 2010

SUMMER is coming to an END

How I know summer is coming to an end:
1) tomorrow starts the last weekend of shows for SSDT (Searcy Summer Dinner Theatre)
2) in less than 2 weeks I move into my apartment for the fall school year
3) I am itching to start this semester! classes, friends, pipers, musical...everything

Im sure there are a few more reasons but thats enough for me.

My friend/roommate CARA GOT ENGAGED LAST NIGHT!!! Oh man, I love it, I'm so excited for her. She is a wonderful person who has found a wonderful man to share her life with. Good stuff.

Also, new school year means NEW BLOG!!
I didnt make a new blog last year, and probably for the best too, considering I didnt blog much...ever...haha
But this year WILL be different! I am determined!
A new blog will be made, blogs will be written, and I will have an amazing semester full of fun/friends/adventures to fill the blog with :-)


Currently I am sitting in the box office for SSDT playing around and doing stuff on the computer. Like every time I work at the box office. I've only been here for 40 mins and there is just nothing to do. Oh well, I dont mind being completely bored and getting paid for nothing too much.

The summer is almost over, and I can NOT wait for what this semester has instore!!

Have a great day! <3

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