Friday, October 31, 2008

i love fall

where to begin??

these past couple weeks have been really good. i've been able to hang out with friends i havent really been able to this semester much, and make new friends. and it has been good. i've been happy. which is good, because alot of this semester has been a state of contentment (at best).

tonight and the past couple nights i've kinda been in a slump again, but im trying to stay out of it and keep spirits high. i've been letting something bother me that i shouldnt be letting bother me. i just need to remind myself to love life and love god.

besides that though, tonight was halloween!! it was pretty fun. i got to watch most of the rocky horror picture show. haha, funny times. then i met some friends for the Seminoles stomp; which was AWESOME! derek was the president, so he was leading the pledges, and he was so fun to watch, and all the pledge boys were fun and got into it. it was enjoyable. then after that some of us went and threw fruit loops all over a friends front yarn. haha. that was funny. now im home ready to start tomorrow. tomorrow some friends are going to amber's house to hang out and play wii and maybe 4-wheel and eat dinner and star gaze and fun stuff like that. im excited! it should be a good weekend :-)

school is....well, school. going way to fast for my taste...but, oh well. its crazy how you want school to speed by before you graduate highschool...and now that college is here, i want it to slow down...but i think the slowing down part is mainly for the social side of college...

OH! we had a local piper tour thursday. that went really well!! such a good first day tour, and we had some awesome kids and good good stuff happen at shows. tuesday we leave for our week of fall tour, which is so much school and stuff to miss...BUT it should be a good tour. we are going to memphis and nashville and should be fun!

it feels like i had more i wanted to write....
like, about the weather and how i LOVE everything about fall!!!!

but im not sure ;-)


Lucas said...

Fruit loops!?!?!! What a horrible prank! At least forking is easy to deal with and remove. And pink flamingos are just enjoyable all around. But coating a yard in fruit loops?

I just don't know about that.

But I am glad that things are going so well! I hope the Fall continues to be wonderful all the way through.

Anonymous said...