Tuesday, June 9, 2009


while walking through the science and bible building today for work i realized that i really do like harding. not just because the campus is beautiful (especially during these summer times when everything is green), not just because of the great people, friends, and relationships i have gained while being here; but because it really is a good school.
it might not be the greatest school and it might have some ridiculous rules, but its a good school.
its hard to really see that during the school year with class work and friends to cloud the picture.
but when walking through an almost empty building, you recall the feelings of walking through those halls for class, the good and bad times spent in those classes, the teacher you had, the friends you made...

summer after freshman year i almost transferred...it was actually something i gave alot of thought.

im glad i didnt. ... i would have enjoyed the other school and good memories and relationships and friends would have been made there too ... but im glad i stayed

i wouldnt have it any other way

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SethB said...

I'm glad you stayed too! :)