Thursday, January 22, 2009

Did someone order more time?

...yep! that was me!

sooooo this semester has been the busiest i've probably ever had! i have never had more things floating around/to plan/think about/remember/keep track of than i do right now! ALL in my head! ALL at the same time! soo many things!
for those of you that dont know; all of this is due to the fact that i am directing a play this semester and it goes up on valentine's day weekend. creeping closer and closer.
we started rehearsals as soon as the semester started and i hit the ground running and have yet to slow down (did i mention there was 17 hours of classes along with that?). its kinda stressing me out...and there have been some very pessimistic days...but i am trying to keep cool and tell my self to just chill!

but enough complaining about my life, lets talk about good things! keeping on the same track, my rehearsals are going really well!! my cast has been great so far! they listen to me and try things and patiently wait while i sometimes get off track or distracted with a note i need to give my stage manager :-) i love them all! all 6!
the first week we blocked the show...very rough blocking, but a base to work off of once we got into characterization. which is what we have been doing this week. breaking down the scenes and lines and putting as much life as we can into these people/actions. tonight was the last rehearsal for the week and we have already made so much progress on the scenes! especially for this week being the 2nd time we have rehearsed them, they are coming along so well! i am proud of them all!!

also in play world, the other two directors i am going up with and myself had a production meeting yesterday and got a lot of things settled for monday's production meeting, and i feel pretty good about where we are about "outside of rehearsal" things we 3 as a group need to get done.

ummm...yeah. really all thats going on in my life is theatre.

last weekend (1st weekend of school) we had piper retreat and that went really well, we got alot of new and fun things done!! which is exciting!

monday we had off of school. that was nice! so sunday night a group of us was able to hang out and not worry about anything except having fun. which is WAS super fun!

now however i MUST read and do work...the joys of having classes that you are actually required to read in due to daily quizes :-)

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